Twitter Inc.
Twitter Inc.
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Twitter Inc. rolled out a new user-generated feature called Communities, which is designed to connect users around shared interests and allow people to tweet directly at each other about them.
Amazon Inc.
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Amazon Inc. said in a filing with the Federal Communications Commission that Tesla Inc. Chief Executive Elon Musk believes that "rules are for other people" and that "if the FCC regulated hypocrisy, SpaceX would be keeping the commission very busy." Amazon is competing with SpaceX over satellite internet plans, while Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and Musk are rivals in the private space launch sector.
Wall Street Journal
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A Wall Street Journal investigation found that TikTok's algorithm quickly drives minors toward content about sex and drugs through its For You feed, with TikTok serving one account registered as a minor with more than 500 videos about drug use and paraphernalia and showing another account more than 100 videos recommending sex shops and porn sites)
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Epic Games Inc. said it would appeal the ruling in its antitrust case against Apple Inc. after a federal judge handed down a mixed decision last week saying that Apple must loosen some rules on developers in its App Store but can continue to ban third-party in-app payment systems. Google Underpaid Staff?
Google Inc.
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Google Inc. underpaid thousands of temporary staff members for years, according to emails and documents reviewed by The New York Times, due to a widening gap in benchmark pay rates between temporary and permanent workers doing similar jobs. The shortfall went undetected outside the company, as managers reportedly worried that sudden pay bumps would call attention to the issue.
Facebook Confession:
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Facebook Inc. admitted that information it provided to social scientists on the effects of social media on democracy and elections had serious flaws, as it accidentally excluded data from U.S. users who had no detectable political preferences.
Amazon Makes Televisions:
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Amazon is extending its interest in the television business, by producing its own-brand televisions, with its Alexa and Fire TV services deeply integrated. It not only simplifies the video viewing user experience, but it also facilitates integration with other smart home devices and enables features like video calling.
Apples New iPhone 13
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Apple Inc. unveiled its new iPhone 13, pledging faster 5G connections and faster chips that enable features like automatic text translation. Apple said its revamped iPad Mini will also have 5G connectivity, although observers noted the company did not announce any revolutionary new features at its launch event.
Facebook and Mental Wellness
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Facebook Inc. downplayed the mental health impacts of using Instagram on teenagers, according to internal communications reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, which showed that researchers found that among teens who had suicidal thoughts, 6 percent of U.S. users traced them back to Instagram, while a third of teenage girls said the photo-sharing service exacerbated body image issues.
Tik Tok and Mental Health Issues
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TikTok is adding tools to help its users address mental health issues by redirecting them to support organizations, and plans to promote creators' videos that talk about their own struggles.


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Digital Mind State and the National Newspaper Publishers Association Join Forces to Distribute Tech News for People of Color to a Network of Over 47 Million

New partnership engages the largest and most influential Black-owned media resource in America to provide commentary and insight on “All things tech.”

LOS ANGELES – Aug 12, 2021
Digital Mind State and the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) today announced that the two entities have forged a partnership that harnesses the power of each organization to distill and distribute the most forward-thinking news in the technology space across the globe. Engaging over 230 Black-owned newspapers and media companies, a nationally syndicated podcast, video and polling features, the new Digital Mind State-NNPA partnership will effectively reach and engage with over 47 million individuals per week.

“On behalf of the NNPA representing the Black Press of America, we are pleased to partner with Digital Mind State—utilizing the latest innovations in technology in a rapidly expanding number of global media platforms,” shares Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr., President and CEO of the NNPA.

Today, Americans from all backgrounds seek news from the Black perspective and NNPA gives the trusted voice to the unique perspective of African Americans on news, issues, and opinions as they occur and as they impact Black and other communities of color. Digital

Digital Mind State established Tech This Out in 2017 and it has quickly become the “go to” source for all things –leading the pack in the fast-paced, evolving world of tech.  Tech This Out is featured in CES i3 Magazine – the premier magazine of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and hosts a weekly Tech This Out podcast distributed by all major streaming platforms.

With its new collaboration with the NNPA, Digital Mind State’s ”Tech This Out” reach will extend even further—providing the distribution of in-depth tech articles, consumer electronic product guides, live streams, videos, tech conferences, virtual and live events and podcasts throughout the NNPA network. The collaboration also allows NNPA to do curate their own podcasts for distribution via Digital Mind State.

“I’m particularly excited about this partnership establishing itself as the “The Voice” for consumer tech products ranging from mobile phones, TV’s, laptops, to robots in the home. The annual buying power of the African American community is estimated at $1.3 trillion, and we can help these consumers make valuable, informed decisions,” states Mike Johns, the founder and CEO of Digital Mind State’s Tech This Out.

About Digital Mind State
Tech This Out News is a property of Digital Mind State—a multi-dimensional creative agency that continues to disrupt the entertainment industry. Digital Mind State is rebelliously creative and innovative in its approach to creating solutions for entertainment and lifestyle brands. Connecting people x brands x culture, Digital Mind State grows brands with the most cutting-edge tactics ever imagined.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Tech This Out America™ is original and expertly curated news that brings together technology, innovation, pop culture, music, activism, and education. Tech This Out strives to provoke thought, inspire, educate, entertain, and empower its audience with dynamic and relevant editorial and unparalleled events. Featured guests have included iconic names such as Microsoft Chairman John W. Thompson, P.Diddy, Amara La Negra, Tyra Banks, Dennis Quaid and much more. To learn more, visit https://techthisout.news

About NNPA
The National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) is the national trade association of the Black Press of America representing 230 black owned newspapers and media companies throughout the United States and the Caribbean. The Black Press dates back to the first publication of Freedom’s Journal on March 16, 1827, in New York City. Since that time, the Black Press has been consistent in reporting the news, culture and progress of Black America. The NNPA national offices are located in Washington, DC in the Thurgood  

www.NNPA.org  and www.blackpressusa.com

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