I Gotta Question… With David Banner

Allison Bleaman

Allison Bleaman

Graphic Designer & Digital Marketer at Digital Mind State

David Banner is a Grammy-winning American rapper, record producer, actor and social activist. Born Lavell William Crump in Brookhaven, Mississippi, he chose his stage name after the Incredible Hulk’s human alter ego. He began his music career as a member of the rap duo Crooked Lettaz and went solo in 2000, releasing his debut album, Them Firewater Boyz, Vol. 1. With his vocal power to match, Banner signed with Universal Records in 2003, where he released several successful albums. Over the following years, Banner would expand his résumé by acting in films like Stomp the Yard: Homecoming and Ride Along.

A message to Arizona State University students in the era of big data, information, and the digital world:

“I don’t care how smart someone is, believe in no one, consider everything. Do your research!”

The problem with technology:

“Automation is making people dumber, technology is advancing and no one is getting smarter.”

Type of earth species: 

“American human being”

We used to play drums now we don’t, did technology do that?

“The Crack Era did that! Once kids got a hold of tech it widens the gap.”

The Game done changed:

“Back in the day, the rapper wasn’t controlled by the streets, they informed the streets”

The job of a rapper:

“Rappers should be the cheerleader for smarter people. If there is a problem about a law, get a lawyer.”

Excerpt from Tech This Out News, The Algorithm vs. Creativity ft David Banner hosted by Osei Kweku & Mike Johns. Streaming now on all major platforms!

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