Crypto is Wall Street on Crack

Derivatives, Yield Curves, Lending. These are the things Crypto is in trouble with Capitol Hill. Finance in general is hard for most people to wrap their heads around. It’s not that they’re dumb. Finance is really hard to get the full picture unless you do a lot of research. Finance Wizards like the ones on […]

Causes Are Key to Brand Marketing Success for Web2 to Web3

It started with the COVID-19 lockdowns and BLM protests. Like rebellious teenagers running amok on spring break, nature sent most humans on the planet to their room to reconsider their priorities. By:Kala Philo, Medium FULL ARTICLE:

To Connect Or Disconnect…? That Is The Question

From your mobile phone, PC, tablet, game console, and house (even down to your car), you MUST remain online. Mark my words: the time is rapidly approaching in which disconnecting from all things digital (AKA going off the grid) will be considered suspicious, perhaps even deemed illegal. BY:Mike Johns, Mob76Outlook FULL ARTICLE:

Augmented Reality – The Only ‘AR’​ America Truly Needs

Ask someone you know about augmented reality and they might mention a filter they recently tried on Snapchat, Nintendo’s ultra popular Pokémon Go or the 30 pairs of sunglasses they tried on in the Warby Parker app. For brands seeking an innovative way for consumers to interact with their products across platforms and devices, AR should […]