5Q: Fake Friends, Fake Music, Fake World featuring West Coast Legendary Rapper Suga-T

Allison Bleaman

Allison Bleaman

Graphic Designer & Digital Marketer at Digital Mind State

Suga-T is an American rapper and actress from Vallejo, California. She is a founding member of The Click, a rap group that also includes her brothers E-40 and D-Shot and her cousin, B-Legit. She also sings multi-genres of music, writes songs and is a TV, music and executive producer. Suga-T is currently working as a performer, author, speaker, vision partner coach and is the founder of Sprinkle Me Enterprise and Sprinkle Me School of Music and Vision.

Allison: What do you think about the lyrical content being put out by some of today’s new class of female rappers such as Sawtee, Asian Doll and City Girl ?

Suga-T: Being the first lady of the first trap family of rap, The Click, where we created real platinums and golds and literally had to show up on foot and work hard— it is literally a joke listening to it [today’s new class of female rappers]. It is a total burn out and definitely annoying looking at a genre of music that wants to glamorize foolishness and cover up those who have much more to offer because they obviously don’t care about the artists or the followers. What is even sadder is that the artists are excited to represent this one presentation, and consider this successful. In my mind and from time to time I express that our ancestors are rolling over in the ground, and especially the women who worked hard to carry themselves with poise and respect. The real reality is that I choose to not stay stuck like that because I have so much more to talk about and refuse to allow my value to be compared to ignorance. Acting a fool is easy for us generals to do, so that is not considered talent to me, that’s ego, bullying, bragging and limited talent showcasing. 

Allison: You have spoken on systemic discrimination in Hip Hop against women, can you elaborate on this term and how it is impacting female musicians today?

Suga-T: Systematic racism, or should I say discrimination, is deeply hidden and unbelievable in hip hop against women, specifically older women. The industry smothers older women’s brands and somewhat looks to erase it and put us out of work and into early retirement, unlike their goal with the older men in hip hop. I am not saying that it does not happen with the men, but it more so happens for women — if you look around you can see the balance is clear of who is being pushed to the front and who is pushed to the back. The depth behind this answer is too much for this article, but I have a project that I am currently working on to address it and it will be extremely informative. So stay tuned.

Allison: Fake followers, fake friends and some artists are putting out fake music. Is this really the growing case in Hip Hop today?

Suga-T: The fake music is overkill, the fake friends are worse than ever and the fake followers are the kicker of the cake that attracts the fake. Yeee! 

Allison: Has technology helped culture or is it a drug that society seems to become dependent on?

Suga-T: It’s a sickness and has created a narcisystem, but at the same time if it is used responsibly then it is a total work easy blessing when working the right thing that does not have challenging consequences to follow it.

Allison : Your brother E40 recently shouted you out on Gary Vee’s podcast, as a successful entrepreneur-what is your advice for women seeking to start a business in the era of the pandemic?

Suga-T: I think that we all should not have waited until the pandemic. It’s time to get out of the slave mentality and comfort zone and walk into a bigger vision and purpose for your life. Women need to represent like the queens our ancestors laid out for us. I look forward to the awakening of the newer generations and walking into the full potential that is available to them. This is why I chose to be an enterprise and not allow anyone to box me in and enjoy working with women to help them reach their highest potential working as a life skills and transformation expert as well as a wellness and vision partner coach. www.sprinklemelearningacademy.com is one of the learning hubs that stemmed from me dodging and making it a point not to get caught up in a world of fakes. Although being a successful trailblazer of 36 years and 20 albums latest, I enjoy exercising all parts of me in front and behind the scenes and make it a point to work in reality not a fake world.

Allison Bleaman

Allison Bleaman

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