Is your brand ready for the Metaverse?

By: Ronjini Joshua 

Most of us don’t remember when we became a part of the metaverse; some of us still don’t know we are in it. But the metaverse isn’t something we do; it’s the reality of the world we live in today. The real challenge is in understanding and embracing the ways we need to adapt to this new digital age in regard to how we communicate and do business.

That’s where public relations comes in. The growth of social media has made us increasingly aware of buzz terms like engagement, experience marketing and authenticity. And unless you were deeply into video games in the late ’90s and early 2000s, social media was the first steppingstone into the new digital age of the metaverse. To upgrade your organization’s communication program, it’s time to take the buzz terms that social media has made popular and re-imagine them into the way we communicate with stakeholders moving forward.


In this new immersive world, it is important to navigate the path that is most authentic to your brand. That is PR best practice, but just as you need to consider what is timely and relevant when pitching the news, brands must also consider this idea in their strategic communications approach. While the metaverse is still maturing, there are ways to work your PR toward this new development in online connection.