New Era In Rap Music Led By Females: Enter Molly Brazy

Allison Bleaman

Allison Bleaman

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At just 21 years old, Molly Brazy has built a music career that takes mosts artists decades. More impressively, she has done it completely by herself. Born and raised in Detroit, Brazy stands as a crucial voice within her city. Uploading freestyle videos on Instagram played a major role in her collaboration with popular hip-hop Youtube channels, kickstarting her career. Brazy’s popularity grew as she quickly turned into a social media sensation. She also leverages technology to her advantage as an influencer and Fashion Nova Ambassador. By taking matters into her own hands, Brazy represents a new breed of independent artists — showing the world that you can be the master of your own destiny.

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Allison: How were you able to build such a successful career as both an influencer and music artist at such a young age?

Molly: It wasn’t anything that was built, it just sort of happened, thats what you call “Viral.” Now how I’ve been able to maintain and capitalize both influencer and music is knowing my fan base. I talk to them personally in a group chat to take in their feedback. I also partner with selective brands that appeal to my audience in regards to being an influencer. 

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Allison: Post pandemic, more artists are opting to be independent instead of signing to a record label. How has technology made this a viable option compared to the past?

Molly: Having access to the industry all from the comfort of your own home on a laptop allows you to be creative and get the music faster to feed your fan base. Today’s generation wants consistent content or they lose interest quick. Being independent, you don’t have to follow the traditional rules of releasing music. 

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Allison: What are some of the strategies you apply to your social media to build followers as well as keep them engaged?

Molly: I only post high resolution content and I always post during my peak hours. I also pay attention to my audience and what they like to see. For example, I know my fan base is 75% female so the content I post is related to what females like (music, hair, nails, fashion) or information on how to receive those things. My content feeds my supporters wants and needs. 

Allison: The degradation of women to their sexuality and their bodies is so casually thrown around from song to song, and this has been the case for years. Debates around how appropriate certain songs or outfits are have circulated after the likes of Britany Spears, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj. What is your thought on women in music vs men in music, sexuality and empowerment?

Molly: There’s a double standard in music for sure, but I don’t care what people think I’m going to do what I want. All women should do what ever they feel and be authentic with it. 

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Allison: Is Hip Hop still a male dominated game?

Molly: Not anymore. There are so many dope female rappers and we are definitely running things all 2020. We held music down during the pandemic and are still continuing to do so.

Allison Bleaman

Allison Bleaman

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