No Limit’s Chief Digital Officer Answers The Question: Will AI Replace Rappers & DJs?

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It is becoming more and more evident that a new era is being ushered in within the music business. The old rules are being rewritten, and if No Limits mission is accomplished, this revolution will be televised and well documented. No Limit is spearheaded by Percy Master P Miller and he is looking to be at the forefront of innovation in music and beyond with AI. “We aim to define the future of music with AI,” says Chief Digital Officer Shaun Ross and No Limit front man Silkk The Shocker. Mr. Ross has a long history in the entertainment business. He is now working to turn No Limit into tech powerhouse.

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Left to Right: Romeo Miller, Shaun Ross, Master P

TTON: How has the No Limit brand remained relevant after all these years?

Shaun Ross: By adapting with time using the same concepts that we have used from the beginning. We as the No Limit family understand by keeping our brand alive we must continue to keep touch and evolve with our fan base, and turn it at the same time into a culture  that new generation will continue to embrace.

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Left to Right: Shaun Ross, Master P

TTON: What attracted you to AI and Music?

AI is changing the way music is heard, made, and consumed. Personally, I find that powerful. It can analyze pulse rhythm, mood, genre, and instrumentation that results in solid musical composition. I am particularly interested in connecting musical tastes with personalities and consumer products. I see a day where after you make a purchase AI searches for all available public information about you on the internet, analyzes it, determines what kind of music you would like and then generates it for your satisfaction. This will totally revolutionize the industry bringing a new creativity straight to customer on a very personal level like never before. Also with AI Hip Hop, Drill, Trap music becomes very easy to replicate. 

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TTON: Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Rap Artist?

No. It will complement the rap artist or producer. Rather than replacing musician, AI might just expand the field for new entrants for the foreseeable future, creating opportunities for those for whom making music was to some degree inaccessible (for instance, a hit track can now be written and produced on iPhones), and in some cases, pushing artists and music into completely new creative territory.

Left to Right: Shaun Ross, Snoop Dogg

TTON: Silkk the Shocker and you are planning a No Limit Reunion Tour ft Master P and the gang. What is interesting is how you’re leveraging technology to assist you in hosting a tour during the pandemic?

We have bought on Digital Mind State to navigate us through this. Mike Johns shared the philosophy that small is the new large. We have adopted this into our business model. Johns is also looking into VR, livestreaming, and creating a gamified concert experience. We’re even exploring the possibility of performing in inflatable balls. Stay tuned!

Left to Right: Shaun Ross, Mike Johns

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Picture of Allison Bleaman

Allison Bleaman

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