We Connect the Streets.

Tech This Out has and will continue to be the vehicle that gives a platform to the undiscovered as well a stage for those already making moves in tech, music, and pop culture. Tech This Out doesn’t follow the lead. As journalists, we have tried hard to be disciplined in our charge to cover technology from what is a complex set of truths, and yet we have a responsibility now to move beyond just chronicling what’s taking place.


Birthed from the Streets of Inglewood, CA.

Founded in 2017 by Digital Mind State CEO Mike Johns as a digital publication, Tech This Out News is a leading technology and lifestyle brand delivering content across multiple media platforms to a diverse audience around the world. Tech This Out continues to embrace the soulful roots that chronicle the cultures embracement of all things techs, music, celebrities, fashion, and events—from hip-hop, reggae, afrobeats to the modern-day converging music landscape. Tech This Out has significantly reinforced its position within the digital media space as a top-tier trusted brand for tech enthusiast and entertainment fans, while also highlighting themes like the social justice movement, sparking dialogue that informs and issues change. In 2021, Tech This Out officially partnered with the esteemed NNPA extending its portfolio of content and continuing its legacy of kickass!