Tesla Ends Streak of Record Quarterly Profits After China Factory Shutdown

Tesla Inc. reported its first sequential decline in quarterly profit in more than a year as it navigates global economic turmoil and recovers from an extended shutdown at its Shanghai assembly plant.

By: Rebecca Elliott, The Wall Street Journal

FULL ARTICLE: https://www.wsj.com/articles/tesla-earnings-tsla-q2-2022-11658287416?mkt_tok=ODUwLVRBQS01MTEAAAGFv6stIYCBfUWk9f3ort9kzUpZb0Upc4N-2Vy3F1gkk-ft1k2zdDXTnFe6Q0BzBNJR9VBfsy9ZrLEuv7HNcFRZJAePi8FCvBWEevz5-YpnklJK