Why Big Tech Is Making a Big Play for Live Sports

More than a decade after Apple disrupted the music industry and Amazon upended retail, the tech heavyweights have set their sights on a new arena ripe for change: live sports.

By:Tripp Mickle et al., The New York Times

FULL ARTICLE:https://www.nytimes.com/2022/07/24/technology/sports-streaming-rights.html?mkt_tok=ODUwLVRBQS01MTEAAAGF1EwtTKuCNzOHQ7K4RgPS2aHQgZ_a-J9GeyKuVnLBqPNIxgM4oHXc8WZBxmrobl4AFR8O33j1nBAeP9ViHcFKKl2_VvrM_AuRK1tjRHKrkG6F